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Decoration Project

From €245


Send an e-mail

Fill in the questionnaire

Receive your project

Our interior decoration service is a totally online service that aims to visualize how the final result of a concept created especially for you will look, and I have included a shopping list with all the proposed items so that you can carry out the process at your convenience. time and availability.
It can be done with existing furniture, new furniture or a mix of the two.

After a first contact, you will receive a pre-consultation questionnaire, in which it is intended to understand the space requirements and your style, and you will be asked for the correct measurements of the space to be intervened.

The project will then be sent in PDF format and will include:

- Concept Development.
- Moodboard.
Furniture layout.
- Shopping list of the proposed items.

It is necessary to bear in mind that the execution of the final result will always depend on the accuracy of the information given by the client, as this is a service without project monitoring. For your guarantee of an accurate and perfect final result, we advise you additionally contract our installation service.

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