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Ambience Design

From €22/hour

We all agree that having "style" is half the battle to getting noticed, right? Now, regarding a space the same thing happens.
When we enter a space, we are attracted to stay in it depending on the sensation/emotion that this space conveys to us. The first sense to work in this process is vision. The eyes are the gateway for sensations transmitted to the brain and consequently it is the visual aspect that will dictate our attraction to the space we are in, and make us create an emotional connection to it.
Therefore, and particularly when someone is looking for a property to buy, the choice (in addition to the practical requirements
) will focus a lot on the emotion felt in each space. When entering an empty house, or an old house without careful decoration and without a planned space, a future owner will not be able to create an emotional connection to the space and will not imagine himself living there in the future, while when entering a house, that is carefully decorated and planned, showing its potential, the emotional connection will be much greater and the buyer ends up wanting to buy the house exactly as he sees it at the time of the visit. .
This is where Home Styling comes in: Preparing your home to become attractive on the market and creating an emotional connection with buyers, making it to sell faster. In most countries, this is already an essential service in the real estate market, as it is an asset for those who want to sell their house, with less saturation in the market.
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Decoração para casamentos

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