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Decoration Consultation


Our interior decoration consultation is a totally online service that aims to have an idea of what the final result of a concept could look like, whether idealized by you or idealized by us. 
It can be done with existing furniture, new furniture or a mix of the two.

After a first contact, the client will receive a pre-consultation questionnaire, in which it is intended to understand the space requirements and the style of each client, and will be asked for the correct measurements of the space to be intervened.

The project will be sent in PDF format including:

- Furniture plan
- 2 3D images (not rendered).

It is necessary to bear in mind that the execution of the final result will always depend on the accuracy of the information given by the client and that, as this is a service without project monitoring, COSY Interiors cannot be held responsible for its feasibility.

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Send an e-mail

Fill in the questionnaire

Receive your project

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